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I specialize in the inspection and maintenance of commercial and residential onsite wastewater treatment systems. Blackwater Solutions was established in 2011 by Jamie Flora who realized that after 25 years of manufacturing and installing septic systems, there was a much needed service in the maintenance and repair of existing systems. While I provide services for real estate septic system inspection to effluent pump replacement, my passion is in the area of developing and installing components for septic system root control, drain lateral aeration, and septic system ventilation.

God has blessed me with a earnest love for my work. We all have a purpose here on this earth. My calling is to solve challenging septic system problems.  

 As Samuel Jones, a well renown bbq pitmaster in Eastern North Carolina puts it, "When you find something you're good at and you find your stride, you just roll with it."

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Choosing a skilled craftsman of the trade can mean the difference between gaining complete knowledge and confidence about the septic system of the home (or business) you are buying and not knowing about potential issues and problems that may exist. I personally provide an accurate and completely unbiased report of the septic systems that I inspect.


A good idea is to check the drain laterals whenever the septic tank is cleaned. The distribution box and drain laterals may need cleaning as well. Blackwater Solutions partners will several licensed pumper professionals in the nearby areas served to pump the septic tank and vacuum residuals that have moved beyond the septic tank.

root / soil / sludge extraction

Blackwater Solutions specializes in root removal and root intrusion prevention. Soil and sludge residuals that have entered drain laterals are removed via vacuuming, specialized auger tools, and targeted excavation to expose and remove blockages.

distribution box / t-baffle repair

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) - You may not see it, but it's there. Concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gases can degrade concrete. Distribution boxes and concrete t-baffles are highly susceptible to degradation when sewer gases are not well ventilated. A structurally intact pvc t-baffle with an approved effluent filter is the best method to prevent solids from entering the drain laterals. 


yearly root control

Each spring it's time for septic system root control. As a licensed NCDA & CS applicator, I personally apply the correct amount of  root control herbicide to a patent pending delivery system that doses the drain laterals. I keep a herbicide application history and take care of contacting customers for approval before any applications.


concrete products

Septic tank lids, distribution boxes, and manifold surrounds are manufactured and installed to meet site specific needs.

alarm - pump repair & replacement

If you have a high water alarm for your septic system, it will sound when you least expect. From electrical controls to pump replacement, Blackwater Solutions provides service and maintenance for septic system lift stations. Not only do I evaluate pump and control performance, but I check and verify that the wastewater is not being restricted at the soil absorption system from blockages due to sludge or root infiltration. If a pump is replaced only to work excessively hard to move water due to restrictions, it will be only a short while before the pump will fail again.

free estimates

I am very diligent to understand and explain each septic system need that a customer may experience. I enjoy meeting new people and offering the best affordable solutions to help you prevent and solve septic tank problems.

Contact Jamie Flora 252.314.8677 for a free estimate.


Learn from your mistakes so that your work is constantly improving. Adversity molds experienced grit. Don’t ever give up. Fall seven to rise eight. Proverbs 27:16 says, “ For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again.
— Jamie Flora





nc septic inspection

Nash, Edgecombe, and Wilson county septic system inspections cost $185. Surrounding county septic inspections cost $200. Virginia septic inspections are charged an individual rate per location.


yearly root control

Copper sulfate fine crystals applied via patent pending herbicide port and one year supply of  septic tank treatment  




d-box & t-baffle

D-box replacement and t-baffle installation with a SimTech filter typically cost $500. Additional charges can very depending on individual Health Department specifications.




Air in soil pores increase the capacity of soil to move water. Blackwater Solutions offers an application of forced air into drain laterals. Soil compaction and saturated drain laterals respond well to aeration.




Septic repairs

Charges for septic repairs of a failed septic system are individually itemized depending on services performed. The price range has traditionally been from $350 to $985.


Herbicide port

Blackwater Solutions developed a patent pending herbicide port for the application of root control herbicides. Dose delivered amounts of herbicide can slowly be released without blocking wastewater flows.








Servicing all of Nash County and many counties in Eastern North Carolina including but not limited to: Wilson, Pitt, Edgecombe, Halifax, Warren, Northampton, Franklin, Wake, Johnston, Carteret, Onslow, and areas of Virginia @Lake Gaston.


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